Holiday Party Tips

Holiday Party Tips

December has begun and DeLeon Entertainment is already in the midst of our Holiday Party season. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and with our years of experience at holiday parties, we can let you in on some tips on how to have a memorable and magical event.

Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening?

A mix of holiday and pop variety music is best. Christmas music enhances the festive ambience; however, your guests have been hearing it on the radio waves and in the shopping malls every second of every day since after Thanksgiving and probably earlier than that. Ensuring that your music can provide variety, dinner and dance music is a must. However, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” never fails to get the crowd going!

Everyone Dancing Merrily In the New Old-Fashioned Way

Don’t be afraid to get on the dance floor! Sure, these people might be your coworkers, but it’s important to remember that holidays and fun should be synonymous. The stress of deadlines and Christmas shopping can bog you down, but this time of year should feel like a holiday!

Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

Consider heavy appetizers instead of a sit-down dinner. This will make getting out of the chairs and onto the dance floor easier, and also create a casual and celebratory atmosphere. Also, when guests are finished eating dinner, they can leave as soon as they finish their meal. With hors d’ oeuvres, guests will linger throughout the night and eat as they please. Here are some appetizer recipes to get you started:

And a Cup of Good Cheer

A signature holiday cocktail can be a great way to make the party festive and memorable. Check out some of these beverage suggestions:

Dressed in Holiday Style

Dress code will naturally be a consideration. This isn’t the club, but it also isn’t the office. Dressing up for a party should be a fun way to showcase a little personality, and there’s a shade of red for everyone!

Here at DeLeon Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing merry and bright holiday music for dozens of events each year. Do you have any tips for holiday parties? Favorite Christmas songs? Leave comments below! And happy holidays from all of us here at DeLeon Entertainment.