Summer Wedding Tips

The weather in Florida is always unpredictable, however, when our summer season begins it becomes crazier than ever. This season is also very beautiful and very popular for weddings. Our years of experience providing entertainment for weddings has taught us a thing or two about outdoor weddings in the warmer part of the year…

Have a backup plan!

Seriously. This is basically the theme of the article, and really a good theme to apply to life in general. But, while we cannot honestly call ourselves life experts, we do think we’re wedding experts, so listen to us when we say please take this first point to heart. If you’re having a ceremony on the beach at a hotel make sure there is a room inside set up if you want to move it indoors at the last minute. And if you’re having a reception under the sequined web of Florida stars it’s a good idea to have a backup indoors or a tent. With the technology nowadays it is easy to keep up to date with weather patterns and precipitation percentages. Keep yourself and your guests at ease with a conveniently located nearby backup plan. And if the rain comes, let the party continue!

Make the wait count!

At the ceremony guests will typically wait 10-30 minutes for the pomp and circumstance to begin. In the heat, 5 quick minutes can easily feel like 5 sweltering hours. Providing guests with hand fans is an easy way for them to cool off, and printing your ceremony information on them is efficient and clever. Alternatively, stylish sunglasses or artsy parasols can block the sun. Also, some refreshments are a welcome surprise. Iced lemon water or sweet tea is simple but insanely effective, or consider a cocktail like a classic mint julep or mojito, and the attention to detail will make a classy impression on your guests.

Ew! Bugs…

Bug spray can work wonders for a day-of consideration, and citronella candles are a easy, however, also think about having your site sprayed by an exterminator two days before.

Take a load off.

Outdoor chairs can cause discomfort. This is easily fixed with cute cushions. Or, depending on your location, bales of hay with colorful blankets can add a rustic appeal that enhance the aesthetic in your photographs and bring comfort to your guests.

The sound and the fury of wind!

Wind will probably be a guest at your outdoor wedding, especially on the beach. While keeping your guests cool, wind also brings some unexpected issues:

The sound- making sure your guests can hear your officiant/pastor/priest/rabbi/etc. is extremely important. They want to take in your vows and live the emotions with you. Wind can make this impossible. A sound system checked in advance is very helpful and easy to do. The entertainment from your reception, the officiant, or the hotel can possibly provide you with the amplification necessary to distinguish your ceremony.

The fury- Beware of sheer fabrics such as chiffon or silk in your dress or your bridesmaids can become an annoying problem during a ceremony. Not to mention the shudder-inducing hair getting stuck in lipgloss sensation. Alert your hairstylist of your outdoor situation ahead of time to secure your look. Also, make sure your makeup artist sprays a heavy-duty fixative to protect your makeup so you can put your best face forward on the best day of your life!


If your ceremony or reception is on a farm, a golf cart can help transfer guests easily over your rolling plains to the altar. Consider handicapped or elderly guests navigating through the sand or grass as well. An alternative pathway or additional help may be necessary. Notifying guests in advances of the circumstances can help them make conscious decisions about their footwear. The high heel digging in and out of the dirt situation does not leave a glamorous impression (except maybe in the ground).


Outdoor locations can have bathrooms that are faraway or nonexistent. A trailer with air-conditioned portable bathrooms is something to consider, but if your site already has bathrooms just make them easily available. Adding some luxury items such as soap, candles, or themed hand towels can enhance comfort.


Creating a lighting scheme is one of the most special aspects of an outdoor wedding. Paper lanterns, twinkling lights, vintage chandeliers, luminaries, and tea lights inside mason jars, can hang from tree branches or tents or light up pathways. It’s your chance to be creative and ooh and ahh your guests with sparkling enchantment. Also, a lighting professional can assist you with your design for quality, and an electrician can inspect your space for safety.

Having an electrician check your space for power is smart, for

Now for the good stuff…


Keeping your dishes covered from bugs and heat is a necessity.

Matching your mood to your outdoors is a suggestion. On a farm? Consider home-baked pies instead of cake for dessert, roast pig and barbecue for dinner, watermelon and corn for appetizers. On the beach? Margaritas, coconut crusted shrimp, and surf and turf.

While we’re playing into the theme of nature…


Setting your music to the outdoors can create a magical soundtrack. Steel drums for a ceremony on the water and acoustic guitar to resonate through the oak trees will enhance your guests’ experience. Music creates memories, and a sense of emotion long after the event is over.

Last but not least…

Keep a positive attitude!

If it unexpectedly rains, dance in it. It’s your special day, and a celebration of love cannot be spoiled by the weather.